What will the future be for your business?

Big data. Big insights. Actionable outcome.

Grove’s Analytics platform empowers organisations with the tools necessary to transform large quantities of data into meaningful insight without the need to become data scientists. Through effectively utilising the power of data, business intelligence will improve company processes, the communication of information and add value to your business.

Grove Analytics is about taking the power of data and giving it back to the employees.

Consider a Wide Variety of Data Formats

Grove’s Analytics models are designed to allow your organisation to directly integrate a wide variety of standard data formats. Quickly import both static and dynamic data sets such as SQL databases, data warehouses, flat files, web services and streamed data.

Visualise and Interact with Data

Through attractive visualisations such as charts, tables and maps employees can efficiently explore large quantities of company data, gain insight, and communicate points of interest across their organisation.

Utilise Machine Learning & Optimisation

By harnessing machine learning techniques, Grove Analytics is able to forecast future trends, optimise operations, send alerts, automatically trigger system changes and ultimately maximise enterprise efficiency.

Big Data Handling

Grove Analytics has been designed to spread the load of large and complex problems, massively reducing the time taken to extract information from extensive volumes of data.

User Friendly Programming Interface

Grove Analytics business intelligence platform has been implemented in a simple programming interface offering easy to use mind map graphics with minimal syntax. This allows domain experts within an organisation to quickly get to grips with Grove Analytics in developing business models.

Cloud Based

Grove Analytics offers the option of hosting company data and computations on the Grove Analytics Cloud. This removes the need for expensive hardware upgrades, additional system administration while relieving your system of RAM hungry calculations.

The components that make up the analytics platform.

Data:  Collect, clean and present data from historical and real-time sources.
Algorithm: Run analytics to define where and how the efficiencies or optimisations can be made.
Action: The created Actional outputs are presented ready to be consumed by a Prescriptive Application.
App: Implementation of the action into the Prescriptive Application – mobile or web app.


What is the Grove Analytics offering?

The Grove Analytics is currently centred around three different modules:

Route Optimisation
What we offer: Grove’s route optimisation platform enables clients to deliver product, assets or people more efficiently to where they are needed
Customer benefits: Cost savings on product or asset distribution and improved customer experience leading to revenue benefits
Example: Assisting marketing-leading distribution company to order deliveries optimally to minimise vehicle miles and hit customer SLAs

Asset Optimisation and Scheduling
What we offer: Enabling clients to make the most of their assets
Customer benefits: Potential to rationalise asset base without reduction in customer delivery capacity
Example: Enabling a testing drilling company to deliver the same service with 16% reduction in drilling equipment, through more efficient scheduling

What we offer: Use a forecasting algorithm to predict business critical variables eg future demand or future asset maintenance requirements
Customer benefits: We anticipate customer or business requirements to make intelligent business decisions leading to revenue and cost benefits
Example: Predicting the volume of emergency calls to a private emergency ambulance provider