Grove custom development platform.

Grove is here for you – our customers. Going to the cloud is the first step in transformation, but it is not going to the cloud that is important, it is what you do when you are in the cloud that matters. Grove is here to help.

From discovery and planning, to implementation and on-going support, we are with you every step of the way. We offer our experience and expertise to ensure your cloud project is delivered on time and in 100% working order, ensuring the quickest possible return on investment.

Grove’s Cloud Implementation services allow you to achieve the following and much more:

  • Integrate existing processes and apps with your cloud productivity suite
  • Run your computation processes on the Google Cloud or Amazon web services
  • Store your data securely
  • Build your app using Google App Engine
  • Integrate your cloud productivity suite with (almost) any cloud application
  • Integrate your data with Google Maps
  • Track your team and assets and much more…


The beginning phases of your project will encompass a full understanding of the solution you are about to implement. Grove’s Cloud Formation Workshop will enable you to understand what you can achieve by leveraging cloud and collaboration technologies.


Grove works with leading cloud platform vendors such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce to enable you to take your processes, data and apps to the cloud.


Grove’s Productivity & Innovation Workshop enables participants to further leverage the collaborative power of their cloud suites within their team and organization.  The workshop includes a survey to be completed by participants so that the session can focus on specific issues related to your organization.