Get more out of your Cloud Solutions:

Are you making the most of the solutions that you have in place and how your team is using them? Simple management tools and solutions that enhance your experience can help your business become more flexible and productive while providing insight into the needs of consumers, employees and other businesses alike.

Tools and solutions described below can help solve some of the following problems:

  • How can I better control my cloud productivity solution?
  • I want to get more security for my cloud apps
  • How can I prevent the accidental loss of critical business data?
  • Can I make better use of my corporate emails?
  • I want to manage Chrome devices and Chrome browsers from the cloud


Some of the management tools Grove recommend:

Manage Chrome and Chrome devices

Chrome device management allows administrators to manage their organization’s Chrome devices from a single place. With Chrome device management, organizations can configure Chrome features for their users, set up Chrome device access to VPNs and WiFi networks, track Chrome device shipments, pre-install Chrome apps and extensions, and more. Administrators can apply each setting to an organizational unit or the entire organization. Most settings provide the option of enforcing a particular configuration or letting the user choose. For example, administrators can specify a standard home page for their users or allow users to set their own home pages.


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Manage and Audit Google Apps

BetterCloud is a comprehensive security and management platform built for businesses, educational institutions, & organizations that use Google Apps. BetterCloud presents your data in easy to understand and actionable ways, empowering IT to uncover risks, correct violations, and enforce organizational policies. Your organization will be able to fully leverage the entire Google Apps suite, with the visibility and control you require.

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Cloud-to-Cloud backup

As your enterprise depends more and more on cloud-based applications such as Salesforce and Google Apps, your employees, vendors and customers are constantly generating streams of data that’s just as vital as on-premise information. While the applications may offer some security features, they aren’t designed to protect business critical data from the most likely form of loss: humans. Accidental deletions, ex-employees, even malicious activity — Backupify backs up, protects and allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so business can return to normal.

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Back up and Recovery you can count on.

Spanning was created with a singular purpose: to help companies protect and manage their information so they can be fearless in the cloud. Providing powerful, reliable, enterprise-class backup and recovery for organizations that would suffer significant business interruption as a result of lost data in SaaS applications, including Google Apps and Salesforce.

Spanning proudly offers rapid, accurate data recovery, maintains world-class security standards, and extends our users the best customer experience in the industry from product, to purchase, to support. Putting customers at the center of all that is done, protecting their data like our own to give them the confidence to run business-critical applications and store data in the cloud.

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Email Branding, Campaigns and Tracking

ClearFomat is a marketing communications tool, that allows you to unify all outbound email by attaching your company’s corporate identity. ClearFormat gives your company a unique opportunity to leverage the numerous business emails that are delivered to your valued customers and business partners daily. Internal email features are added to all outgoing emails to give your company cutting edge, intelligent emails. With ClearFormat’s creative templates and embedded marketing messages your company will break through the clutter.

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Cloud Data Integration

The Flowgear iPaaS enables developers to easily connect applications and services together without coding, regardless of the underlying technology stack and location of the data. The simple workflow-based designer accelerates prototyping drastically compressing time to value for the end-customer. Flowgear allows your business to easily connect disparate data sources without VPN’s, files or firewall rule changes. It’s simple design features allow you to design without the use of coding, with clear detailed activity which provides complete diagnostic visibility.

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Workflow and Document automation on Google Apps

Access your AODocs documents directly from the familiar, easy-to-use Google Drive Web interface or mobile applications. All files managed by AODocs are owned by a single system account, protecting them against accidental removal and providing a better control over sharing permissions. Search and browse your documents easily with structured search, custom document properties, and configurable views. Push your enterprise folders directly into the “My Drive” of your end users. Protect your confidential documents by controlling who can set the sharing permissions and defining a limited list of trusted domains for external sharing


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Security and Encryption for Google Apps

CloudLock is the unified cloud security fabric that lets you protect your corporate assets in public cloud applications such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow and other apps. Embrace the power of the public cloud securely. Leverage the power and intelligence of CloudLock’s products for prominent Cloud Apps, all accessible through a unified dashboard and central policy framework.CloudLock enables more than 5 million users to leverage the benefits of the cloud for some of the largest and fastest growing organizations in the world.

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Single Sign-On

OneLogin enables IT identity policy enforcement, and instantly disables app access for employees who leave or change roles in real time by removing them from Active Directory. Take control over application access, quickly on- and off-board team members, and provide end users with easy access to all their apps on every device. Extend your on-premises security model to the cloud in minutes.Eliminate the pain and expense of extensive identity policy management. OneLogin reduces identity infrastructure costs and complex integration project for each new app and efficiently extends identity policy to the cloud.

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