De-mystifying Mobility: Can it really solve business problems?

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De-mystifying Mobility: Can it really solve business problems?

Mobile is on the Move

We are all aware that mobile devices and apps are quickly replacing PC’s and desktops. In fact, for 2014 it is expected that mobiles will pass PC’s to become the most common web access tools, and therefore the primary source of networking, social sharing, advertising, business development, and connecting with the consumer market.
Mobility has been highlighted as being one of the top biggest tech trends expected for 2014 by many tech organisations, including Forbes, The Guardian, Silicon, HP, Gartner and Deloitte.
Based on the technology trends that are already in place, mobility will serve to transform how businesses ‘sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate, train, and educate’ over the next few years. The hard reality is, If you don’t use these technologies to create a competitive advantage, other businesses will. 
In order to sustain a competitive edge , organizations need to become aware of the developing technology trends that are shaping  the business environment, influencing customer expectations and demand, and as a result, work toward developing innovative ways to use mobile technology in a way which creates value for their business.
Mobility is definitely on the move. But, the concept of mobility is so broad – mobi sites, consumer applications – it can become quite overwhelming and often feels like it it is very difficult to decipher how to find practical ways to take advantage of this revolution.

Sorting through the clutter: What does this actually mean for your business?

At Grove, we have always understood the importance of mobility as a whole, but over the last few months, we’ve found an increasing interest in rapid custom mobile application development – the key word being ‘Custom’, as there is a strong need for mobile solutions for businesses that are fully customised to model an organization’s exact business processes, as off-the-shelf “point solutions” often do not suffice.
However, the truth is, many companies bare the scars of mobile app development that is traditionally an incredibly slow, complex and expensive process. 
Historically, businesses who went on any mobile journey, became stuck in a complex process of employing developers, dishing out large amounts of capital and taking a significant risk, only to find that within a few months of settling into the process, the business industry had already changed. Companies were finding that they simply could not keep up. Not to mention new challenges arising in terms of app maintenance and ensuring the new solution is bug-free.
At Grove, we have shared in the challenges many companies face with mobile technology. New technologies do exist that are able to turn that “slow, complex and expensive” legacy approach on it’s head – technologies that are fast, customised and tailored for your specific business needs and processes. 
Last year, Grove Group moved to a new mobile app development platform that we believe is truly an effective and authentic solution. Journey Platform allows you to build Custom Enterprise Mobile Apps that are unique to your business needs and processes.
We believe that mobility is a necessity for any and every industry. It’s all about digitising unique workflow process involving field based workers, for example electronic job cards, proof of deliveries, quoting, and inventory management. By leveraging mobile technologies like sign on glass, barcoding, geo tracking and photo imaging, employee’s in the field can now complete their “clip board” processes using their Android or iOS phones, both when online or even offline in remote areas. When connected, data captured is fed back to head office instantly to massively improve work delivery and overall efficiency.
Grove will be hosting a number of industry specific sessions in February and March as a platform to share this new solution. If you are interested in mobility for your business, whether this is your first step in the journey, or you already bear the scars of failed attempts, register for one of our sessions – let’s demystify mobility and make it something that actually works for you.
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