Grove Group becomes a gold partner of ClearFormat

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Grove Group becomes a gold partner of ClearFormat

Grove is awarded Gold Partnership status by ClearFormat as both companies work together to optimize operations and services. The ClearFormat Corporate Email Branding Solution has transformed during the last couple of months and is now running smoothly on its new V2 management system that has all the other premium capabilities of V1, but with even more features! Grove would like to congratulate ClearFormat for its dedication to industry leading innovation and suppor and thank them for the new status.

ClearFormat offers premium professional email branding solutions to build corporate brand image. ClearFormat creates another platform for a company to communicate with clients in a professional and creative way. The solution will help draw more clicks to a specific campaign and/or website.

Brand Outgoing Email

  • Assign your corporate logo and branding to all outgoing email
  • Enhance your company‚Äôs identity through bespoke templates

Embed Targeted Marketing Messages

  • Keep clients informed of current and future promotions via attractive, eye catching messages embedded within your emails (including the option of ‚Äòlive RSS feeds‚Äô)
  • Direct recipients to relevant content and/or interesting news on your website
  • Include customer service campaigns within your emails

Insert Unified Signature Blocks

  • Enable consistency throughout your organisations communications.
  • Allow unification of signature blocks

Incorporate Compliance Tools

  • Append relevant corporate information (e.g. Registration No., Legal Company)
  • Provide links to relevant corporate policies (e.g. Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies)

New! – New Embedded RSS Feeds

  • RSS Feeds have been enabled to have emails continuously updated from a relevant news/blog/update source

New! – Geographic Profiling

  • Enables the user to manage a campaign by targeting specific regions with the most clicks.
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