Grove presents at InnovateUK Business Challenge Day

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Grove presents at InnovateUK Business Challenge Day

Grove was pleased to showcase our BigData analytics solution at an InnovateUK briefing session in response to an Industry Challenge. Grove scoped out an Intelligent Airport Management solution that will utilise state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms with embedded machine learning to help the Challenge partner, in this case London City Airport, to maximise the utilisation of resources.

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In order to achieve this Grove’s platform was designed around an algorithm hosted on a robust network with the appropriate computational speed to analyse large quantities of data, uncover organisational insight and continuously prescribe improvements and solutions to bottlenecks in service operation.

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The initial system proposed is capable of dynamically organising runway schedules while future iterations will include prescribing inbound plane parking position, managing inbound and outbound flight airspace and other related airplane operations such as the refuelling process, cleaning schedules, maintenance and more. This solution is designed to improve the use of limited resources, such as the runway and apron space, thus increasing the productivity of the airport while also reducing the workload for employees to ultimately provide a better service for everyone. This system will consider just-in-time streamed data so that the resulting schedules and prescriptions can account for immediate changes, for example, flight delays, weather disruptions and other unforeseen but inevitable interruptions – the system will then be able to notify the relevant customers and/or staff.

InnovateUK ( is part of the UKTI and is the UKs Innovation Agency. They work with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy.

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About Grove:
Grove is a technology company helping customers solve business problems through the innovative use of technology.

Grove’s cloud-based platform with proprietary big data algorithms and mobile development toolkits enables Grove to deliver Data Informed Business Applications – driving operational efficiencies and wider financial benefits.

Grove has been doing this since 2005 as a leading provider of agile and flexible solutions that enable organisations to transform their operations whilst accelerating innovation.


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