informed-actions-bannerRight now, a race is on.

This is a race that will disrupt every industry, every market, in every way we know. A race to leverage machine learning across every device, asset, tool & employee – to gain seismic efficiencies from historic and real-time data insights. Groves’s analytics offering combines the power of Big Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) technology with prescriptive algorithms, to create a new breed of super-efficient organisations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) starts with the things that matter most to your business. IoT is about making your data come together in new ways. Tap into data with IoT dashboards. Uncover actionable intelligence. And modernize how you do business

The world is changing

There are big macro and micro changes that are influencing what businesses do and can do. These factors are:
– Hardware is cheap
– Connectivity is pervasive
– Development is streamlined
– with huge benefits fueling demand, which is creating new innovative scenarios

Deploying an IoT solution

Deploying an IoT solution is not straight forward. You need to consider the following:
    People – Getting an IoT solution right involves Business Analysts, Information Architects, Network Engineers, Data Scientists and Software Engineers.
    Platform – You need to think about the goals and constraints, the types of data, the broadcast mechanism, the algorithms, the integration and the delivery mechanism.

Grove has thought about all this and has a solution for all of it!

The Grove IoT Platform 

The following infographic is a representation of how we deliver IoT solutions using our platform:

1. Things (Devices)

Collect, clean and present data from historical and real-time sources including Mobile Apps, Sensors (things) etc.


2. Connectivity (Network)

Automation of presentation of the data to the internet via SIM or Network

3. Data (& Visualisation)

Present the initial data in a “dashboard” for visualisation and ease of human interpretation


4. Analytics (Algorithms)

Run analytics to define where and how the efficiencies or optimisations can be made using Machine Learning & Big Data

5. Action (App)

The created Actions are presented ready to be consumed by a Prescriptive Application

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