What would a mobile app mean for your business?

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What would a mobile app mean for your business?



The world has gone mobile with an ever increasing number of people now finding business via their mobile devices, transacting via mobiles, banking on their smartphones, and viewing your business branding and digital presence on their smartphones.

Having a website to market your brand is no longer enough to ensure your business remains competitive. More and more SME’s are leveraging the mobile app development platform as a means to connect with their customers and create a successful brand.

Mobile applications are not limited specifically to consumer applications such as the ones we all commonly use on our own mobile devices. Business to business applications can ensure effective and efficient collaboration between companies such as suppliers and service providers. Business apps can resolve business productivity issues for your own staff and company. Business to consumer apps can drive customer loyalty and sales and internal corporate apps can assist with internal HR procedures and team notifications and moral.

Trying to determine if your business needs an app can pose quite a challenge. Here are 5 scenarios to take into consideration, when deciding whether or not to invest in mobile applications.

1. Does your competition have a mobile app?
Your business could suffer if comparisons are made between you and a competitor who has an app. If no-one else has an app, this could be your opportunity to really stand out from the crowd.

2. Consider what your core business goals are.
Do you hope to generate revenue, increase productivity, improve brand awareness, assist your staff, resolve a productivity issue or reduce costs? An app could assist with these.

3. Are you wanting to be top of your customer’s mind?
Having an app opens the channels of communication with your customers and allows you to remain top of mind. Having an app could result in your customers returning time and time again.

4. Are you adding staff to deal with all the business processes?
An app could handle many of these, and allow you to reduce salary expenses.

5. Do you struggle to extract the correct data that you need to make your decisions?
The right app for your business will be a data analysis tool, allowing you to access the data you need when you actually need it!

Once you have decided on creating an app for your business, the next challenge is finding the right app development team who understand your unique needs and help your business grow. Below are a few guidelines for what to look for in a mobile development team

1.  Portfolio
You need to be sure that the company has a proven track record of developing apps similar to that which you are looking for. Developing apps for a particular market sector eg insurance, can be very specific and require very niche skills.

2. Technology expertise
A huge consideration is whether to go Native, Hybrid or web app development. Be sure to select a company that has experience in multiple technologies. Does the company specialise in IOS, Android or cross-platform? How will the app be converted across platforms? You will need to know what latest technology your identified app team are experimenting with and using.

3. Timely output
Your app project could be negatively affected if, for example, you have planned the launch of your app around a specific date or event and the team is unable to deliver on time.
Development costs could then escalate too. To manage this you should look for a company whose team uses project management tools and methodologies such as Agile or DevOps. Remember to ask what kind of testing the company does and if this included in the timeframes?

4. Cost
You should look for a development team that can provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of costs and identify each stage of the development process. Remember to ask if submission to the app store is included? Does the cost include any hosting if required?

5. Communications
You should be kept up-to-date on every stage of the development process. Establish beforehand if these will be telephone calls, emails, or in-person meetings. How often will you be sent an update?

These are just some questions to consider. If you think your business needs an app, contact our Brendan O’Brien at bobrien@groveis.com for more information.

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