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App development for your organisation.

Enterprise Mobility is improving current ways of working and enabling remote workers to be better connected – to their offices, their customers and their data. By improving current ways of working with technology, this results in increasing the speed of communication. Simply, mobility improves business processes while cutting costs.

The problem with existing solutions

Most companies don’t have the skills internally to build business apps, so they rely on consultants and mobile platforms. These solutions can be time consuming & complex.

Customised for your business

Grove build fast and simple enterprise apps customised for your requirements with rapid response to change. Grove’s developers identify your business challenge, customise a solutions and produce a demo within weeks.

Deliver apps 10x faster

Our process and Platform means we can deliver working solutions within weeks.





Focus on the process:

We help you focus on the business process, rather than the technology.

Eliminate back-end development:

Normally you have to configure databases, manage data storage code, handle mobile connectivity issues and code APIs for integration. We free up the heavy lifting.





Deploy app changes in minutes:

Shortened deployment times. Instead of frustrating app store updates and manual installations, changes are pushed to users automatically.

Grove have built apps in a wide range of industries:


Here are some of the business challenges we have solved:



“We needed to streamline the full sales, manufacturing and installation process.”

Maxidor cut their sales turn-around time to less than 24 hours. “What this comes down to is that our entire business model was streamlined”

– Miklós Hegyi, Director

Maxidor’s customers can now get a quote, sign on the device and have custom-made security enhancements installed within 24 hours.

Spark ATM Systems

Spark ATM Systems

“The best competitive advantage to have is great customer service ”

– Ryan Tzamtzis, Operations Executive

Spark ATM aims to provide the best possible service to their customers. For this reason, they have employed 20 field technicians across South Africa to ensure that all 2500 ATM’s can receive a complete end-to-end service, at any time of day. The unique mobile app is designed to track events, resources and the performance of Spark ATM’s technicians on the Road.

On the Dot

On The Dot

“Looking beyond the specific pain points, we wanted a cost effective mobility solution with quick deployment.”

– Tobie Vermeulen, Chief Technology Officer

From a real-time perspective, we could also analyse at which location the driver was at the exact time of reporting their geo-location, and with direct integration, know the exact status of various items in the delivery chain.