Our Story:

How does one begin to describe a company that does not fit into any pre-defined box? Lets give it a go. Grove is truly unique. What makes us different? Is it Our people? Our customers? Our Vision? Our mission? But even that is boxing us into commonly defined terms. So lets step out of the box and try a new definition:

Grove is an ‘Innovative Partnership’ with people that believe in ‘Innovating Technology’. Our vision is to make people’s lives and business processes easier and more effective through the better use of technology. Grove believe that Cloud, Mobile & Analytics are at the core of this and our aim is to connect businesses with the cloud and mobile tools that will work best for them.

Grove is a cloud computing native. Grove was born and grew up in a virtualized world where organisations are no longer tied to legacy systems, processes or hardware and where organisations are no longer bound by an office or geographic location.

Grove works with our clients to help them understand how and where they can leverage cloud based infrastructure and applications to increase their capability, reduce their long term costs and underpin their growth and ability to respond to a constantly changing world.

Grove come with the experience of working with some of the world largest and most complex organisations to ensure they leverage the power of cloud computing & mobility in multiple industries, Grove is a proud Google Apps Premier Partner, Microsoft CSP Partner, Mobile App Development & Analytics Partner.

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