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Embrace new technology, but don’t forget the human factor in 2018

A wise woman once said that adaptation is a profound process. It means that you figure out how to thrive in an ever-changing world. In a world driven by vast technological changes, adapting is no longer a matter of choice. Success is now determined by how well you and your company go with the flow of the digital revolution.

The buzzwords that are flying around when technology experts make predictions for 2018 would have made little sense not so long ago. Yet these days, even old-school business leaders have to take cognisance of concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud. Companies that will take the lead in 2018 are those that become adept in bringing in new technology and managing the challenges that go along with implementing change.

Technology trends that are fuelling innovation and growth, from dark analytics to blockchain to intelligent apps, will soon become affordable enough to service the mass markets. Developments in virtual reality and augmented reality will continue to transform how businesses interact with customers, but it will also impact on how workers perform and communicate internally. With innovative technology permeating virtually every facet of the corporate environment, decision-makers have no choice but to embrace it if their businesses are to remain relevant.

Introducing new technologies is sometimes met with resistance and some staff may feel threatened, even when it presents the opportunity for better working practices and an improvement in efficiency. To facilitate change, it makes sense to find a guide. Whether it comes from inside or out, getting help can save you from falling into old traps. A good starting point is to understand that change doesn’t just happen. It requires a deliberate investment over time to make a smooth transition to new systems and tools.

In an environment obsessed with the implementation of new technology, the two other factors that determine true transformation – process and people – are often neglected. Fact is, if you don’t have your people on board nor the processes in place to support them, you’re never going to achieve your objectives. If you’re keen to move with the times and reap the benefits that can come with innovation and technology, you need to be sure your team understands that change is for the best.

Beyond helping companies adapt to technological change, one of Grove’s biggest priorities this year will be to assist businesses with the “sink or swim” dilemma many of their workers are facing.

When people don’t know how to respond to ongoing changes, it can create a volatile environment with uncertainty around job roles and responsibilities, team structures and even business strategy. If the purpose of a new app or piece of software is not clear to a worker, it presents a challenge to your whole team.

At Grove, we see change management as the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support customers to successfully adopt services to drive organisational success and outcomes. Addressing the concerns your team may have about changing what they’re used to doing, is a central part of our philosophy. One of the trends we’ve identified for 2018 is that many companies will recognise change management as a key organisational differentiator. This year, we look forward not only to help our clients embrace digital disruption but also helping them to make the most of their human capital.

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