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Farming gets a Google boost


A fruitful collaboration between the Grove Group, ZZ2 and Retro Rabbit has kicked off which promises to take a leading South African farming enterprise to new heights using Google Cloud as a technology and innovation partner.

The well-known agricultural brand has been looking for technological solutions and after consultation with a wide group of stakeholders decided on Google products facilitated by Grove Group, a Google partner in South Africa.

Grove is a technology company that has helped customers since 2005 solve business problems through the innovative use of technology. Grove’s solutions help clients to capitalise on the benefits of Cloud, Mobility and Big Data analytics whilst maximising the investments in their current solutions.

The 100-year old farming conglomerate, ZZ2 offers a wide range of produce including tomatoes, avocados, mangoes, onions, dates, apples, pears, stone fruit and stud cattle. The company also supplies global retail giants both locally and internationally with fresh produce.

A spokesperson for ZZ2 said they chose Google because the technology powerhouse is closely aligned with ZZ2’s ethos of openness, being outward-facing and working in harmony with their partners, people and nature.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations and for technology that allows us to focus on our farming operations and to stay at the forefront of technology. We believe the G Suite Business is the productivity suite that will help us with ‘transitioning to the cloud’ in the mobile era.”

As a farming enterprise operating in a competitive environment, ZZ2 needs to make the best possible technological investment.

The G Suite Business solution will offer ZZ2 an integrated layer of next-generation security and compliance, improved video conferencing, Android for Work, Google App Maker and improved mobile device management capabilities.

ZZ2 has already benefited from Google products such as DataStudio to provide analytics, Google Meet as a video conferencing tool and the Google Firebase application for their cattle business unit.

The ZZ2 Cattle Tracker App aims to locate cattle in the field through the use of a RFID reader which uploads their geolocations to a centralised Firebase dashboard displaying analytics on the number of unverified cattle.

Through Grove, and consultancy partner Retro Rabbit, a research-driven ICT solutions provider, ZZ2 is exploring other options across the Google Cloud Platform. These include mobile app development on Android for native apps, Machine Learning and Tensor Flow, Multi-OS mobile apps using and Cloud Computing, BigQuery as well as Google Data Studio.

The multitude of technological solutions Google provides is exactly what the company needs now, a spokesperson of ZZ2 said. “We want to partner with leaders and go with the best.”

Chad Bartlett, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at Grove Group said that he’s extremely excited about Grove’s partnership with ZZ2. “We are seeing this as an opportunity to really disrupt the way they collaborate across their business and supplier ecosystem to drive continuous innovation.”

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