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Grove named Darktrace Partner of the Year 2020

  • Grove has been named as the inaugural Darktrace partner of the year for 2020.
  • The award was given “in light of their fantastic performance across the board” - Francesca Bowen, Darktrace Global Head of Partnerships
  • “Our strategic partnership with Darktrace has been a phenomenal success since its formation in 2018 and we are delighted to be Partner of the Year 2020” - James Vintin, CEO at Grove.
  • “We look forward to continuing this journey with Darktrace as we look to further our investment and break into new markets.” - Johann de Wet, General Manager at Grove.
  • Grove has customers in 46 countries across the globe with 1,1 million end users. The business has been running for 15 years.

Grove, a cybersecurity solutions provider with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London and Nairobi, was recently awarded the inaugural Darktrace Partner of the Year for 2020 award at an online partner summit hosted by Darktrace.

Francesca Bowen, Darktrace Global Head of Partnerships said that she was delighted to announce that Darktrace has selected Grove as Darktrace’s Partner of the Year 2020. “In light of your fantastic performance across the board. Grove has grown with us globally, it’s been incredible to see how your team works alongside ours all over the world. We are truly grateful for your support."

This prestigious award is a reflection of a strong collective effort from the Grove team led by CEO, James Vintin and Darktrace product lead, Johann de Wet. Darktrace’s world leading cyber AI platform has proven to be an invaluable investment for our customers as we have grown our business across Europe, Africa, the United States and the Caribbean.

Warren Mayer, Darktrace’s Alliances Director for Africa, said in a video interview afterwards (video above), that the relationship between Darktrace and Grove is one that reflects in the feedback received from customers as well. “The feedback we get from our customers has been remarkable with regards to solving their challenges.”

“We are looking forward to this continued partnership with Darktrace and appreciate the recognition shown for the excellent work done by our sales and support staff,” said Vintin. “We have developed the highest levels of technical competence in the configuration, deployment and support of the Darktrace technology which we are delivering to customers in 14 countries and counting.”

As James Vintin explained, “the strength of our collaboration and partnership with Darktrace means Grove and Darktrace teams now combine seamlessly on new customer engagements, and we are proud to work closely with the Darktrace team. Being recognised as Partner of the Year is the culmination of significant investment in aligning Grove’s business and capabilities with Darktrace and we are delighted to receive this accolade.”

“Darktrace's groundbreaking approach to cybersecurity has disrupted the global marketplace and it's been an exciting journey to be part of the process and enjoy such success,” says Johann de Wet. “Our role as partner is to help our customers maximise their investment in mitigating cyber risk and this is where we have focused on building a rich customer experience to complement Darktrace's powerful technology. Working alongside the Darktrace teams around the world has been fantastic and it has been great to see how the strong collaborative relationships between us have added significant value in ensuring happy customers. We look forward to continuing this journey with Darktrace as we look to further our investment and break into new markets.”


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