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Jamaican rendezvous a huge success

Grove’s international reach was highlighted when two of our stars went to Jamaica recently to share our expertise and hosted Grove’s first Innovator's Club meet-up on the Caribbean island.

Over the past few years Grove has forged relationships with multiple companies in Jamaica such as JMMB, the ICD Group, The Gleaner and RJR Communications, General Accident Insurance and JP Tropical foods. This trip gave Grove the opportunity to meet with existing clients and to showcase its focus on European business, presented by Shabeer Ramsingh of our UK office, with Chad Bartlett of our South African team unlocking access to African markets and possibilities.

Shabeer and Chad described their visit to Jamaica as “an amazing and memorable trip” and they reported their message of innovation through technology was very well-received. “We see a lot of synergy between Jamaica and Grove,” Shabeer said. “We’ve been providing companies with innovative solutions as their business models and priorities change. We help companies move away from old-school legacy-thinking towards cloud mobility and big data analytics. Some companies are moving forward while others are stuck in a traditional mindset.”

Chad and Shabeer emphasized mobility, collaboration and innovation as the key ingredients of success for business ventures in the digital economy. Many Jamaican companies have only recently made the move to cloud and they are curious to learn more about the possibilities. There is a lot of education and awareness that must still take place to ensure peace of mind and to secure the buy-in from all parties in the organisation’s ecosystem.

Chad said the best part of the Jamaica trip was spending time with key ICT influencers and stakeholders. “The launch of the Grove Innovators’ Club in Jamaica was a huge success filled with positive stories, fun and meaningful collaboration. We also had the privilege of hearing from two of our most respected customers and leaders in the ICT community as our Guest Innovators, which was extremely valuable and appreciated by our guests.”

Working with the Jamaica Computer Society who co-hosted the Grove Innovators’ Club was “phenomenal” Shabeer said and business people who attended left feeling inspired.

Guest Innovator and business strategist Stacey Hines said continued collaboration is something that is lacking in the Jamaican business world and Grove Innovators’ Club is providing exactly that. “I don’t see collaboration happening among senior IT managers and young entrepreneurs that is coming up in the IT sphere.”

Stacey said she loves Grove because they’ve been making a significant difference in her company the ICD Group. “They are exceptional partners. I feel as though they’re my own team. My advice to other businesses is getting a global expert, and collaborate with them going forward. We need to realise technology is about partnerships and collaboration. And it is through partnering with companies like Grove that we’re able to implement not only solutions for cloud type of services, but all different types of services. The expert advice get us there faster, saving money and empowering our team members that are participating in that transformation.”

Another client Shereen Jones, Assistant General Manager Operations and Information Technology, said the Grove has shown her company what can happen when you embrace disruptive technologies. “When you’re willing to take that step out of your comfort zone, they’re right beside you. It’s scary, but you benefit so much from taking it. They encourage and push you to take that extra step.”

Shereen described the Grove Innovators’ Club as a space where experts can learn from each other. She thinks the exchanging of ideas is central to adapting to change. “The rate and the pace of change is constantly increasing and I think one of the reasons that is happening is because of the exchange of ideas. If we learn from each other, we don’t have to start from scratch. That allows you to increase the pace of growth.”

Guest Innovator Sheldon Powe and Group Chief Information Officer at JMMB Group Jamaica described the Grove Innovator’s Club as an excellent idea. “I’m glad Grove brought it to Jamaica.”

Chad assured Grove’s fans in Jamaica the company will be back soon with more fresh ideas. “We look forward to hosting the next Grove Innovator’s Club on the island in 2018.”

Shabeer said the Jamaica trip was really insightful. “ It was good to find out more about the challenges and issues our prospective and current customers face. It's really exciting for Grove to have this opportunity to solve these problems with meaningful and innovative cloud solutions. Jamaica is on a trajectory of growth and within the ICT space in its adoption to cloud, mobile and Big Data solutions so there is a strong synergy with Grove’s portfolio and we look forward to growing our brand in this region.”

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