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Rapid digital transformation has driven Medine Group to bolster its cyber defense with Grove and Mimecast.

Since my first meeting in 2019, it has become apparent that Medine Group takes the safety of its employees seriously. And this naturally extends to the cybersecurity of their employees, and of their own digital assets.

Founded in 1911, Medine Group has been supporting the economic development of Mauritius for decades. Medine is an asset land base company, whose strategy is to optimise its land resources and unlock its value through an integrated and sustainable development.

With a workforce of 1,097 and a turnover of MUR 1.76 billion (FY 2018/19), Medine is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM). As a major player in the sugar and cane industry of the island for more than a century, Medine Group has known how to get away from mono-crop agriculture, especially based on sugar cane, to be a diversified group with four pillars of activity, namely Agriculture, Education, Leisure & Hospitality (Casela and Concorde) and Property.

“It is a foregone conclusion that cybersecurity is one of the pillars of digital transformation, especially when considering a broad-based move to any sort of digital platform across our enterprise,” says Javesh Boodnah, Chief Financial Officer & Head of Technology. “As a group, we have used and tested several cloud-based security solutions to protect our email services. Our final choice landed on Mimecast and we were onboarded rapidly and efficiently with professionalism from Grove.”

The Medine ICT Infra team was wholly involved with the implementation of the Mimecast solution from admin console configuration to management thereof. The brilliant work done once again by Bruce Williams stands out as a beacon of excellence. We also want to thank Chad Bartlett from Grove and Tim Smith from Mimecast for always being available to help and give good sound advice.

“Today Medine Group feels confident with Mimecast and Grove as our IT security partner and a business solutions specialist.” concludes Javesh.

Grove is also very privileged to have BDO IT Consulting, specifically Krishna Radhakeesoon, as our partner for our expanding client base in Mauritius. Krishna Radhakeesoon, Partner at BDO IT Consulting, says “It’s important for businesses to realise that, as part of their cyber strategy, they have to implement unique cyber defense solutions before the attack happens. The bad guys won’t give you much time to react.”

With customers across 46 countries, your cybersecurity is our priority. At Grove, we only stand for the best and that is why we are excited by the team of people, customers, and partners we have around us to thrive in the new world we are living in.

Grove supplies a comprehensive set of advanced cybersecurity solutions covering your entire digital estate preventing existing and novel threats. Reducing risk, improving efficiency, and ensuring operational resilience.

Happy customers, Happy Chad, Happy Grove, Happy BDO IT Consulting, Happy Mimecast. Community defense against stopping bad things from happening to good organisations.


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