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Why did 180-Year-old Mauritian based conglomerate, Terra, improve cyber resilience with Grove and Mimecast?

Any company needs to take care of their cybersecurity, no matter how big or small. It only takes a single breach or cyber incident that endangers the security of your employees or customers, and you can lose a lot of faith and respect in the marketplace and in the end customers. For a company as established as Terra which has been around for more than 180 years, cybersecurity is of paramount importance.

“Respect defines the way we relate to people in our group and the community.”

Terra is a conglomerate, established in Mauritius and operating locally and regionally. Formerly known as Harel Frères, it started out as a small sugar factory in 1838. Today, Terra is one of the major players in the sugar cane sector in Mauritius, managing some 6,000 hectares of agricultural land in the northern part of the island. The Group has diversified its activities, from an essentially sugar-based company to one with interests in energy production, alcohol production and commercial distribution, and property development, along with investments in construction and financial services. Terra currently employs over 1,300 employees across the various group companies and brands.

“I can genuinely say that I am very happy to have signed up with Grove and Mimecast. It is a bold move for the Group as we make no compromise on cybersecurity,” says John Laguette, the Group CIO. The company has used many email security solutions over the years, but John feels that with this move he is 100% confident in having made the right choice for the future. It is not only because of the terrific solution itself but the partnership we've been busy building with Grove for the past 2 years!

The solutions we have invested in include a number of the Mimecast cyber resilience 3.0 services; secure email messaging, cyber awareness training, advanced targeted threat protection for email, and email branding services.

Mimecast is truly innovating at a rapid pace, and Terra is especially excited about the two most recent advancements to the platform. Grove as an Elite Mimecast partner over the last 10 years has always been so impressed with the pace of innovation across the Mimecast platform, but in the last 12 months, this pace has been significantly increased. This is a clear sign that Mimecast will continue to stay ahead of the curve and will keep on investing in the platform for its customers so they stay protected from the latest cyber threats.

Below are the two latest platform enhancements being added to the Mimecast global community of customers (40,000) that have both been released to the market in the last week officially.

  • Mimecast Acquires MessageControl - integrated into all customers adding in an AI and Machine Learning layer of protection for novel and unique threats via email and web. Full Article
  • Mimecast introduces Safe Phish 2.0 - is a first in the market and will be available to all its Cyber Awareness Training Customers from the end of September 2020. Full Article and Video (7 minutes from the Blackhat conference)

“I have been getting my hands on the Mimecast console and it is very user friendly,” says Ashwan Seeparsad, IT Lead at Terra. “So far we haven't come across major issues during our roll-out, but knowing we have the Grove, Mimecast, and BDOIT Consulting team that has got our back is reassuring. Bruce Williams from Grove has been really helpful both during implementation and after.”

I'm so pleased with the way this project has been managed in very short timelines too and want to thank both Terra and the Mimecast's team for their full support and collaboration during this project. All parties were 100% committed to making this a successful project and the results speak for themselves - Happy customer, happy Chad, happy Grove!


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