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Clearwater Group Ltd and its subsidiaries, Clearwater Technology Ltd and Clearwater Compliance Ltd, are specialists in the provision of Water Treatment and Air Hygiene services throughout the UK and Ireland. They provide innovative water solutions and services to estate owners and facilities managers across a variety of sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and the public sector to meet environmental needs and optimise performance.

We can get archiving, email and Apps on top for virtually no additional cost. That’s why we went for G Suite Business. Wouldn’t you?

– Geoff Griffith, Group Business Systems Director at Clearwater Technology

Service Offering: G Suite Business

The Challenge

Because Clearwater is a compliance company, being able to find and archive historical emails for audit purposes and to meet legal requirements is vital. The problem with Clearwater’s previous email client was the lack of centralised control. The company was entirely dependent on the user to manage archiving.

The Solution

Clearwater decided that G Suite Business would be the most flexible and cost-effective solution. During the migration process, Grove trained Clearwater’s IT team on G Suite Business and continued to provide Clearwater with 24/7 support.

The Result

  • The migration to G Suite Business enabled Clearwater to have better control over their email system, using Google Vault as an email archiving solution, enhancing search functionality, time optimisation, cost-savings and increased security. Collaboration through Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and Hangout means that everyone is connected with each other and has access to all their files regardless of location, which, in turn, aids productivity and communication within the Clearwater team.

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