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Huufe is the first social media platform that is built solely for equestrians. It combines ride tracking with picture and video sharing, stable management, classifieds, riding groups and cutting-edge accident detection and notification.

Service Offering: Custom Software Development

The Challenge

Founders Charlie Trietline and Richard Phillips, teamed up with Grove to develop their latest pioneering equestrian social media app with GPS ride tracking. The brief was to build a social media network for the equestrian community to give them riding freedom with safety in their pocket. In Forge and Farrier Richard Phillips explained that this is an app for the equestrian community. “We’ve added what riders want—the aim was to give the riding community the app they deserve.”

Having reached out to the equestrian community for direction on what features to add, Huufe has repeatedly been described as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘the app that we’ve been waiting for’, by top equestrian publications like Horse & Hound and Horse Nation. “As it is a community focused app, it delivers features that riders have asked for, such as ride tracking (with video and photo capture), horse profiles and horse/stable management”, says Nick Hart, head of development at Grove.

The Solution

Nick continues, “the app provides users with a uniquely intimate experience—placing the horse at the center of the experience and allowing horse-loving users from across the world to connect. The application was built from the ground up with the end-user in mind”. Resulting from this, user feedback has been enormously encouraging.

Kyra Jay Irons from Stowmarket in the UK think the app is a great idea and easy to use. “This will be a big one for the future!” she exclaimed. Lee Edward Squelch, from Haverfordwest, also commended the app for having everything he needs in one place. “Even a diary for vet farrier schooling and competitions. I can even log my rides for fitness and feeding.”

The Result

To capture your rides, you simply download the app, add your horse‘s name, put your phone back in your pocket and ride. The GPS in your phone then captures your location and speed, which is saved for you to keep and share if you want. You can see where you have been and keep this as a record forever. You can also automatically add pictures and videos of your ride.

Key features

  • Riders can create personal profiles, along with profiles for their horses, on which they can post videos and photographs and share with friends who also have the app.
  • Users can track and record vaccinations, worming and farrier visits in their horses’ profiles.
  • Browse and post equestrian classifieds in the Huufe marketplace.
  • The “HuufeCoin” rewards program, allows riders to earn “coins” for riding, which can be exchanged in the marketplace as well.
  • Users can use Huufe’s advanced accident detection and notification system to increase safety when riding.

The app can be downloaded in the Apple App and Google Play store. The website offers further detail

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