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ICD Group is a well-established investment holding company that participates in a diverse group of companies in the Caribbean, North America, South America, Africa and India. Their focus is on sectors such as insurance, construction, distribution, e-commerce, logistics, technology, property and risk management. The companies that they are involved in include Advantage Communications (ACI), Amber Connect, BCIC, Gustazos, Intcomex, WIHCON and CGM Gallagher. ICD Group’s main operations are currently run out of Jamaica, and with the Caribbean being a high-risk area prone to natural disasters, business continuity and disaster recovery is extremely important to ICD Group as a business. With their approach being business, as usual, it is vital to have a secure and reliable cloud-based platform such as Google Cloud to give them peace of mind in how their data is handled and stored to be accessed anytime, anywhere no matter what disaster nature throws at them.

With G Suite Business we’re able to create a collaborative working environment by linking our work and seamlessly coordinating document management, data collection through forms and our intranet. We can also easily analyse user adoption insights that we would not otherwise be able to gain which is an absolute bonus. It facilitates us in making strategic decisions about how our people work, and what additional services we can provide to optimise their work experience.

– Stacey Hines, Group Strategic Planner at ICD Group.

Service Offering: G Suite Business

The Challenge

ICD Group wanted to create a more connected and collaborative work environment across its entities to facilitate the creation of cross-company mastermind groups and thereby engender innovative thinking.

This compelled them to look into either Office 365 or G Suite for cloud email and collaboration requirements. In this instance, Grove as a Google partner offered ICD Group more hard-line value.

Stacey Hines, Group Strategic Planner at ICD Group, elaborates that the primary drivers looking into G Suite Business was firstly the value proposition of a collaborative platform that could be leveraged across multiple companies in a relatively quick and straightforward way. “Secondly we were impressed by the time-saving benefit added to our IT-team members who would now be ‘free’ to work on other things instead of placing much focus on managing the on-premises email server and taking care of traditional Office Suite challenges.”

In making this decision, ICD Group also had to keep in mind ‘budget and spend on a new project for long-term benefit’. It is Stacey’s viewpoint that the success rate and velocity of ICD Groups digital transformation initiatives will be enhanced as the G Suite way of working evolves.

The Solution

Grove has been instrumental in offering astute professional services to ICD Group over a short span of six months. They provided ICD Group with a full requirement and solution validation which meant that each and every data point, integration and requirement was validated in G Suite. Grove then provided a full business case to the board and offered advice around board level sign off.

G Suite Business was deployed by the Grove Professional services team with qualified Google G Suite Certified Deployment Specialists and Certified Google G Suite Trainers on premise, along with change management and 24/7/365 post-sales premium support.

Workflows have always been critical to ICD Group especially coming from a legacy SharePoint environment. With G Suite they are now able to use Google and Team Drives to counter against this requirement. Stacey highlights, “It’s worked out exceptionally as it provides ICD Group with document management, team collaboration, team drives and unlimited storage, so we don’t have to ever worry about size limits and storage limits.”

ICD Group has now been a Grove and G Suite customer since 2017 and has already started adopting Google Cloud Platform for some of ICD Groups storage requirements and accessibility for applications online.

Stacey's advice to companies in Jamaica that are still stuck in a legacy mindset using traditional technology while trying to fulfil their customers' appetite for innovation is that they should ascertain their value from a customer's perspective and look to create better ways of working internally so that they can provide customers with better service and communication.

“They should look at their organisation’s IT cost vs growth strategy and the approach they are taking to technology. Using legacy systems is becoming increasingly outdated and therefore they won’t be able to cope with the level of innovation needed by the marketplace and its consumers.

Collaborative technology drives innovation and organisations need to be more agile to cope with growing demands. “Organisations need to adapt to change for better results and new perspectives. Companies need to be innovating at a far greater pace and using a platform like Google allows our organisation to take full advantage of the robust speed and architecture of G Suite for our business,” Stacey continues.

The Result

Google technology helped ICD Group become more productive and innovative in the way that it communicates and operates within the business and with customers.

With G Suites interconnectedness of the applications and ability to measure user adoption, the ICD Group team is now able to enhance productivity and correlate insights in real-time. Stacey is full of praise. “Document management is priceless as company documents are available anywhere on any device in a relatively easy to access way, and being able to spark innovation and work together across companies has been made simpler with the implementation of G Suite.”

One of ICD Groups core values is ‘innovation - creating without boundaries’, which sums it up really. Stacey concludes, “We will continue to seek out innovative ways that help us to enhance the way we work ultimately to bring an incomparable level of service and innovation to our customers regardless of industry. We will continue to be open to the Google services such as G Suite and Google Cloud Platform that will keep us in alignment with these goals.”

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