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Redactive Media Group is the leading provider of award-winning print magazines, digital media and live events for membership and business and professional services organisations in the UK since 1981.

Email is such an integral part of our core processes; therefore G Suite Business together with moving our business processes to the Cloud is the way forward for us.

– Graham Hall, Head of IT at Redactive Media Group

Service Offering: G Suite Business

The Challenge

Redactive was using a Microsoft Exchange environment, which limited their email storage capacity. For them, one of the most significant challenges was web accessibility, as the Microsoft Exchange platform was not compatible with various devices used within the organisation. Their disaster recovery system was also very costly to maintain.

The Solution

Redactive decided to move to G Suite Business, as it integrates Google Vault service for archiving. They also implemented Google Sites as an intranet solution, which empowered the Redactive team to improve productively and efficiently.

The Result

  • The new system is reliable and consistent, with practically no downtime and greater flexibility due to the increased email storage capacity.
  • Google Vault offers a 1-year archiving option for their salespeople and ten years of archiving for their senior staff.

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