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When you need to drive gut-level behaviour improvements at scale through cybersecurity awareness training that makes people care – look no further than the Mimecast Awareness Training (formerly Ataata) platform.

When humans can be your strongest line of cybersecurity deference or your weakest, having cyber-aware employees is up to you. Only 11% of global IT organisations continuously train employees to spot cyber attacks and 52% admit to only doing training quarterly or once a year. Yet 61% of organisations have been hit by an attack where malicious activity was spread from one user to another via email.

Employees’ casual mistakes lead to disaster all the time—and cost people their jobs. To change security culture effectively, employees have to know what to do, care enough to improve, and then do what’s right when it matters.

Developed by top leadership from the U.S. military, law -enforcement and the intelligence community, Mimecasts' new Cybersecurity Awareness training programme is a security awareness training and cyber risk management platform that helps you combat information security breaches caused by employee mistakes.

Employee risk scoring and cyber risk management have never been easier!

With Mimecast Awareness Training, you can now add these features to your already potent mix of cyber resilience services:

  • cybersecurity awareness training,
  • risk scoring, and
  • real-world simulation attack scenarios.

The platform can help you to measure and manage employee risk. It gives you the ability to track the effectiveness of your cybersecurity awareness training program by converting behaviour observations into actionable risk metrics.


  • Modern training techniques and short, funny, high production value videos drive gut-level behaviour changes at scale.
  • Capturing real-time training data and transform it into insights for managing risk.
  • Risk scoring and predictive analytics help drive future training, building a virtuous cycle of improvement.

This is cybersecurity training done right! Cybersecurity awareness topics that are made fun, delivered fast and have proven effective! So book your free demo with Grove today!

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