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Align Your Organisation Around A Cyber Risk-Based Approach

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No one wants their company to be the subject of the next data breach headline because a vulnerability was left unpatched. Unfortunately, a number of factors get in the way of organisations effectively managing cyber risk. From organisational silos to competing priorities and reams of security alerts—aligning the organisation around cyber risk is a significant challenge for enterprises today.

Kenna Security helps organisations overcome these challenges by arming them with the platform and technology to effectively combat risk. The Kenna Security Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution that gives organisations of any size a centralised platform for collaboration and remediation against cyber risk.

This enables your entire organisation to operate off the same, objective data to ensure that your unified efforts make real progress toward reducing risk. The platform also provides real-time visibility into your organisation’s overall risk posture, enabling everyone to understand where your organisation stands at any given time.

Kenna Security Offerings include:

  • Automated vulnerability analysis and prioritisation improves productivity
  • Actionable remediation data increases efficiency
  • Objective risk scoring improves collaboration between departments
  • Real-time visibility into your organisation’s risk posture helps IT and Security achieve alignment with business goals
  • Metrics enable teams to monitor and measure risk reduction efforts
  • Quantifiable data enables executives to make informed investment decisions

Kenna Security empowers companies to manage cyber risk. The Kenna Security platform, powered by Cyber Risk Context Technology™, leverages data science to track, measure, and predict real-world exploitations, and provides organisations with a centralised platform for collaborating on vulnerability remediation.

Kenna Security counts amongst its customers many Fortune 100 companies, and serves nearly every major vertical. So book your free Kenna Security demo with Grove today!
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