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Artificial Intelligence Based Advanced Threat Prevention

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Shane Grennan

Regional Director UKI & Emerging at BlackBerry Cylance

Omar ElWatidy

Sr. Sales Engineer UKI & Emerging at BlackBerry Cylance

Remember When Endpoint Solutions Actually Stopped Malware?

We live in a new malware world, where the legacy approach of writing signatures, once malware is discovered, cannot keep up with the volume of new malware released every day, conservatively numbered at 350,000. BlackBerry Cylance use Machine Learning to create a Native Artificial Intelligence (AI) Endpoint solution to help customers tackle this problem. Using AI, a predictive decision can be made instantly, even for new malware, completely changing the paradigm of Endpoint Protection.

When BlackBerry Cylance first considered offering its AI technology to consumers, the company wanted to create a product and user experience people would love. BlackBerry Cylance knew its best bet was to go straight to the source. BlackBerry Cylance surveyed and talked to users from all walks of life to understand their attitudes and feelings towards the cybersecurity threats they faced. Here is what was discovered:

The biggest demand for a new, innovative, consumer antivirus (AV), came from enterprise customers. This seems surprising at first, but when one considers the fact that enterprise companies spent $114B on cybersecurity in 2018, it starts to make sense. Enterprise customers study cyber threat trends, assess risks facing their company, and eagerly seek new products and tools to improve their cybersecurity posture.

BlackBerry Cylance is different from other security approaches. The BlackBerry Cylance AI platform is a cybersecurity suite that protects the complete attack surface with automated threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities with over 99% hit rate. By using a fundamentally different, signature-less approach to traditional AV, Cylance leverages AI and machine learning to prevent malicious code from executing.

Join us on Wednesday 23 July 2019 for this informative webinar as we take a closer look at the company that ranked #18 on the Forbes Cloud 100 List 2018 - BlackBerry Cylance.

“It's the first thing and really, probably to this day the only thing that I have complete confidence in.” - Daniel Shuler, Chief Information Security Officer at Phoenix Children's Hospital

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