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Santiago Rodriguez

G Suite Latin territory account manager - Google

Shabeer Ramsingh

Head of Stategic Development - Grove IS

Stacey Hines

Strategy Director, ICD Group

In a world where innovation is crucial to any organisation's long-term success - whether it be modifying business models or proactively adapting to changes to achieve better products and services - Google steps up the Digital Transformation Game with G Suite Business. 

“With G Suite Business we’re able to create a collaborative working environment by linking our work and seamlessly coordinating document management, data collection through forms and our intranet. We can also easily analyse user adoption insights that we would not otherwise be able to gain which is an absolute bonus. It facilitates us in making strategic decisions about how our people work, and what additional services we can provide to optimise their work experience.” – Stacey Hines, Group Strategic Planner at ICD Group.

*Register now to join us via webinar on the 19th July 2018 (10:30 EST) as Google present G Suite Business from their Mountain View Head Quarters in California. 
We will also be joined by Stacey Hines (Strategy Director from ICD) for a live Q&A session talking to the ICD Group G Suite Business case study

About G Suite Business:

G Suite Business is a highly efficient, simple to use, all-in-one enterprise suite. Users in your company will be able to communicate, store, sync, collaborate and search for content across Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Photos, or any other Google App. The suite has unique collaboration capabilities, making sharing content and working together a seamless reality regardless of location, machine or device. Another significant advantage is simultaneous syncing – no more searching for files when an employee leaves! G Suite is a cost-effective solution that simplifies your information management platform – edit, review, collaborate and create in one place with as many people as you need to at the same time, from any device in any location.

Tags: G Suite, ICD Group Sparks Innovation with G Suite

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