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Improved security. Easier to manage. Lower cost. All without compromise

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Liam Hopwood

Technical Consultant, Mimecast

James Hayter

MSP Partner Manager, Mimecast

Shabeer Ramsingh

Head of Strategic Business Development (Europe & USA), Grove

Email-borne attacks have evolved – Has your security?

Email continues to be the number one threat to organisations around the world.
Why? Because it’s easy for attackers and hard for you.

It’s important to understand that attackers have evolved and thus the security systems organisations use to protect their users and their businesses need to evolve as well. The importance of using a versatile solution is crucial to avoid the next email from being the one to infiltrate your company.

Email is the number-one application used to communicate. It’s also the number-one vector for cyber attacks. Protect, manage and archive without compromise.

In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss how Mimecast can benefit your business by reducing the risk, cost and complexity around your email environment; with a specific focus on your email security strategy, business continuity and archive

  • Demonstrate how the end-user tools can help to enhance productivity and improve the overall management of email

  • Learn first hand how customers in your region are utilising Mimecast

  • Plus find out what's new - Ataata end user cybersecurity awareness training

Register today for our latest webinar on Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection; a suite of cloud-delivered services that has grown over the years to combat the very real, very sophisticated, attacks that are becoming increasingly prevalent. This webinar will be taking place on 24 October 2018.

Mimecast is the leading integrated cloud suite:

Find out why leading companies in the Caribbean rely on Grove and Mimecast to provide secure and resilient protection.

"Mimecast is a great product. We love it and the new internal email protection is really interesting, and something we are keen on exploring"

According to Sheldon Powe, CIO at JMMB, Grove offers a twofold advantage.

“They are on the cutting edge of new technology and they know what’s going on worldwide, so that helps us stay competitive. Grove is also great for customer service. I really appreciate that they care about my business.”
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Security – Archive – Continuity One cloud platform. Everything you need to achieve cyber resilience for email.

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