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Making waves

[Past Event]

Andile Masuku

Broadcaster & Entrepreneur

On the 8th November 2017 Grove Innovators' Club welcomed entrepreneur and broadcaster, Andile Masuku, as Guest Innovator at the Grove Innovators' Club event held at The Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg. 

Andile shared his experience of living and working at the intersection of broadcasting and entrepreneurship, whilst reflecting on his professional broadcasting career, which began in 2003— only two years after the iPod was launched, and a whole two years before YouTube was founded. He talked about his on-going participation in the traditional broadcasting and publishing industries, even as he carves out a valuable niche within the growing new media scene. Andile has become one of the more recognisable sources of commentary and insight into the continent's emerging tech ecosystem. 

Andile shed light on the entrepreneurial ideas he’s chosen to invest in and his insights from the Research Masters in Interactive Digital Media that he’s currently busy with at Wits University.

"It’s official. The title of “broadcaster” is no longer reserved for large organisations that facilitate the transmission of audio and video content via inimitable systems and expensive infrastructure, nor for the elite squad of talent drafted to work for them," Andile said.

Hybrid media professionals like Andile Masuku are disrupting the status quo by embracing web-enabled new media tools and platforms, building highly-engaged communities and monetising niche audiences. This dynamic has led to the rise of a unique breed of media makers who unwittingly find themselves living and working at the intersection of broadcasting and entrepreneurship.


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Grove’s Innovator’s Club has become a popular hub for people with a passion for technology, innovation and social change to connect. The purpose of these exclusive meet-up’s is to disrupt the status quo by cultivating a positive community of meaningful thinkers. The meetings introduce out-of-the-box thinkers to share inspirational messages with fellow thought leaders.

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