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Setbacks led hero to embrace disruption

[Past Event]

Guest Innovator

Jean De Villiers

Former Springbok Captain, Current Head of Philanthropy at Citadel

Rugby legend Jean de Villiers was the Guest Innovator at the Grove Innovators' Club event held in Cape Town at Citadel Claremont on Thursday 1 June 2017.

The former Springbok captain, now head of philanthropy at Citadel, took his audience on a tour of his remarkable career that started when he was five years old. From those first games that left him “with a couple of blue eyes and a couple of scars”, young Jean soon realised he’d committed himself to a tough game. But he could never have predicted what a decisive part injuries would play in his career and the valuable lessons he would learn from it.

Looking back on his career Jean said he came to understand the link between disruption and innovation.

“Innovation is the ability to change, to constantly strive to be better. It is your attitude in challenging situations that will determine if you will be successful or not,” Jean said.


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About Grove Innovator's Club

Grove’s Innovator’s Club has become a popular hub for people with a passion for technology, innovation and social change to connect. The purpose of these exclusive meet-up’s is to disrupt the status quo by cultivating a positive community of meaningful thinkers. The meetings introduce out-of-the-box thinkers to share inspirational messages with fellow thought leaders.

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