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Kenna Security - The Organisational Approach to Cyber Risk and Vulnerability Management

EST 10:00

GMT 15:00

CAT 17:00


Simon Black

Systems Engineer, Kenna Security

Marck Lockett

Security Sales Executive, Grove


The process of identifying, tracking, prioritizing, and remediating security vulnerabilities ranks among the top ‘malicious fortunes’ of the cybersecurity profession. It’s something every security program must do, but none of them enjoy it, and few do it well. The result is a patchwork of fixes applied to a tide of vulnerabilities, any one of which could be the single point of failure in an otherwise formidable defense. This means one of the biggest challenges in vulnerability management relates to prioritization, and ideally, prediction. Given the long and growing list of open vulnerabilities that must either be dealt with or delayed, which ones are most likely to be exploited, and thus deserving of priority remediation?

Cyentia, an institution who seeks to advance cybersecurity knowledge and practice through data-driven research, recently partnered with Kenna Security to independently analyse, draft and publish 2 reports focused on predictive cyber risk and remediation. Let's take a walk-through of the Cyentia Institute - Prioritization to Prediction research and discover why priority remediation is key to any organisation's cyber defense strategy.

Register today for our latest informative webinar with Kenna Security taking place on Thursday 21 February 2019!

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Predicting Future Exploits
    Empowering security and vulnerability teams to predict which vulnerabilities will be weaponised as soon as they’re discovered
  • Prioritising High-risk Vulnerabilities
    It's imperative to efficiently identify, prioritise and remediate the most significant risks and vulnerabilities
  • Aligning IT and Security Efforts with Business Objectives
    Delivering a holistic and quantifiable view of the organisation’s risk posture, ensures organisational alignment and enabling executive management to make data-driven investment decisions

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