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Big Data Analytics

Grove has built a powerful machine learning platform, which processes large quantities of data through predictive data analytics and algorithms. These algorithms are tailored to individual customer parameters and prescribe operational actions for key business processes. The results? Business decision-makers have scientific insights to help guide operational optimisation. This drives profits up, and costs down. Use your data as the competitive edge that will separate you from the rest of the market pack.

Big data is big business for your business

Right now, a race is in progress that will disrupt every industry, every market, in every way we know. A race to leverage machine learning data mining across every device, asset, tool and employee to gain seismic efficiencies from historic and real-time data insights. Grove’s analytics offering combines the power of Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with prescriptive algorithms, to create a new breed of super-efficient organisations.

Informed Actions

We apply historical and real-time business data to our prescriptive applications to ensure your people make effective decisions, take efficient actions and avoid costly mistakes.

Informed Actions

A unique approach to predictive analytics

Grove’s Analytics platform - known as Informed Actions - empowers organisations with the tools necessary to transform large quantities of data into meaningful insight.

Organisations generate vast volumes of data. We apply historical and real-time business data to our prescriptive applications to ensure your people make effective decisions, take efficient actions and avoid costly mistakes. At the heart of our service is our Algorithmic Engine which analyses your data to find the most efficient and productive means of carrying out individual tasks.

Whether you’re in sales or service, our approach ensures your people are supplied with the right knowledge and tools; they ask the right questions or advice to ensure your ongoing success. Some of the companies that we have worked with include ambulance services, tool hire companies, home maintenance teams, and facilities management companies.

Informed Actions analytics is currently centred around three different modules.

  • Asset optimisation and scheduling
    We enable clients to make the most of their assets. Benefits include the potential to rationalise your asset base without a reduction in customer delivery capacity.
  • Route optimisation
    Informed Action’s route optimisation platform enables clients to deliver product, assets or people more efficiently to where they are needed. Customer benefits include cost savings on product or asset distribution and improved customer experience leading to revenue benefits.
  • Forecasting
    We use a forecasting algorithm to predict business critical variables, e.g. future demand or future asset maintenance requirements. We anticipate customer or business requirements to make intelligent business decisions leading to revenue and cost benefits.

We begin each project with an analysis of existing data sets and a scoping session to understand your business's unique challenges and requirements. This is followed by a Proof of Value project, which allows us to demonstrate exactly how Informed Actions can save your business time and money, and equip teams with the information to make important decisions.

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