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Cloud Computing

As a Google Cloud partner, we’ve been privileged to be a part of the Cloud-migration journey of many companies through our Cloud Computing services. We have witnessed the dramatic improvements in businesses that have integrated Cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Thanks to Cloud-based services and Cloud Computing tools, gone are the digital barriers that once existed within global markets. It has redefined the way consumers and businesses communicate, experience, build, create and securely store personal and organisational data.

Digital transformation and the benefits of Cloud Computing means you always have access to your information and data; are operationally agile, and enjoy cost-efficient communication and collaboration without backup and recovery interruptions. You’ll also be able to unlock unlimited storage and feel safe in the knowledge that you can deploy quickly.

Geared to configure you with leading Cloud Computing solutions

With our team of experts Grove is geared to quickly deploy any Cloud solution you may need, cost-efficiently and expediently. Choose from an array of multi-cloud services, including G Suite Business, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), G Suite for Education and Chrome devices.

Run your company’s computation and analytics, and store all your data in the Cloud securely and cost-effectively.


If your organisation has already made the switch to the advanced capabilities of Cloud Computing, Chromebooks should be your computer device of choice. As Chromebooks run on Google’s Chrome operating system, they are designed for optimal Cloud Computing capability. Chromebooks are ideal for businesses as well as classroom settings. They are cost-effective, fast, lightweight, highly secure and geared for greater output and collaboration. Data is stored in the Cloud, and functionality is funnelled through G Suite (Docs, Drive, Slides, Photos, Spreadsheets, Hangouts, Google+, Gmail and other Apps). If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 enthusiast, fear not – you can run Office 365 on Chromebooks, giving you most of the functionality of the conventional Office 365. A vast array of Android Apps is also available on Chrome via the Google Play store.


Chrome Devices – fast, inexpensive and Cloud-compatible

If you haven’t yet made the quantum leap to Chromebooks, consider these advantages:

  • They are the easiest computers to set up and manage.

  • They power up quickly and are ready in seconds, thanks in part to the lightweight nature of Chrome.

  • You’ll pay more than 60% less for your Chromebook, compared to a laptop with similar specs.

  • Chromebooks are an excellent return on investment – no more having to buy expensive new software. Self-updating features and seamless integration with Android Apps mean the longer you have your Chromebook, the greater your reward.

  • They are largely self-maintaining – Chrome has built-in malware and virus protection that always self-updates.

  • Latest models run huge numbers of Android Apps, with more available on the Google Play store, further simulating the conventional laptop experience on Chromebooks. Android Apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Adobe mean you simply won’t regret your transition to Chromebooks.

  • Latest models come with touch-response programming, a stylus and world-facing cameras.

  • Chromebooks are the face of next level secure, agile computing tools.

Want to know more about Chromebooks or other Chrome Devices? Contact a Grove expert today.

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