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Cloud Computing

As a Google Cloud partner, we’ve been privileged to be a part of the Cloud-migration journey of many companies through our Cloud Computing services. We have witnessed the dramatic improvements in businesses that have integrated Cloud solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Thanks to Cloud-based services and Cloud Computing tools, gone are the digital barriers that once existed within global markets. It has redefined the way consumers and businesses communicate, experience, build, create and securely store personal and organisational data.

Digital transformation and the benefits of Cloud Computing means you always have access to your information and data; are operationally agile, and enjoy cost-efficient communication and collaboration without backup and recovery interruptions. You’ll also be able to unlock unlimited storage and feel safe in the knowledge that you can deploy quickly.

Geared to configure you with leading Cloud Computing solutions

With our team of experts Grove is geared to quickly deploy any Cloud solution you may need, cost-efficiently and expediently. Choose from an array of multi-cloud services, including G Suite Business, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), G Suite for Education and Chrome devices.

Run your company’s computation and analytics, and store all your data in the Cloud securely and cost-effectively.

G Suite for Education

Forget what you know about traditional teacher-student learning models. Say goodbye to old-school ‘teacher’, ‘learner’, ‘classroom’ and ‘knowledge’ silos, and say hello to possibly the biggest – and certainly the most innovative – change to teaching prototypes in recent years. Google has taken its much-loved Apps such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Hangout, Drive, and Gmail, and crafted tailored tools that transcend typical classroom set-ups, lecture hall boundaries and the limitations of old-school teaching. With G Suite for Education, learners and students co-own the learning process, and teachers and learners collaborate on the journey of learning. The result? A much more inclusive, exciting and enabling learning environment that produces the kind of creative thinkers required in the economy of the future. Why would you as a school or university say ‘no’ to free productivity G Suite for Education tools when you can create, share and edit files in real-time, anytime, any place, from any device?

G Suite for Education

Enable smart learning with G Suite for Education

Smarter everything

Smarter everything – G Suite for Education lets your staff and students create, access and present content for the next generation classroom with learning that is:

  • Personalised and measured: Learning is tailored to individual needs and interests.
  • Collaborative and diverse: Learning is no longer an isolated, self-driven process. It is transformed into a collaborative, critically engaging and social experience.

  • Project-based and self-managed: The teacher-as-provider-of-knowledge model is modified so students can take ownership of their learning, and delight in doing so.

  • Authentic and experiential: The learning paradigm is broadened significantly beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge, so students move to a deep conceptual understanding of the content.


Students and staff use secure tools and storage that allow for easy, instant, ongoing collaboration and editing.

Constantly connected

Everyone can work together from any device, any place, any time. Offline Apps mean you can keep working even without the internet.

Cost, time and resource efficiency

One simple and reliable solution for email, calendars, documents, and more means you save time on setup and maintenance.


Google Classroom is designed for teachers, by teachers as the ultimate ‘mission control station’ for class. Connect to the class, track progress and achieve much more in way less time. Oh, and throw your pen and paper in the bin.

There are numerous benefits to Classroom, and more are being developed constantly
  • Create a virtual lesson – build an assignment or presentation with multiple links, commentary, documents and videos attached all in one place.

  • Improved feedback loop – the middle of the research or assignment process is often the most frustrating for teachers and learners. Students work in a shared folder in Drive; you go in and insert comments and advice. Quick. Easy. Effective.

  • Fuss-free mass emails and notifications – no need to create an email group after painstakingly having collected every student’s email address. Google Classroom lets you email everyone instantly.

  • Admin is a breeze – Classroom will keep track of which students have not submitted a paper or completed a task, for example.

G Suite for Education by the numbers
  • Chromebooks, the device specifically built with Google Chrome as its Operating System, is the number one selling device in the U.S and Sweden for Grades 1—12 schools.

  • 20 million students worldwide use Chromebooks.

  • 30 000 Chromebooks are activated every school day.

  • Chromebooks are available in more than 13 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) devices including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and more. 

  • G Suite for Education has 70 million users worldwide.

  • 20 million students and teachers are using Google Classroom.

Chromebooks – cutting-edge G Suite for Education tools

While parents and students have increased expectations as to how technology can be used to support learning in teaching and learning environments, budgetary and staff limitations have meant that school systems have struggled to meet these expectations. Given ongoing operational challenges, many schools have struggled to extend device deployments.

Chromebooks – cutting-edge G Suite for Education tools

Through its Chromebooks for Education offering, Google has sought to provide schools with a device that delivers superb functionality at low cost in an effort to help them bridge these limitations.

Chromebooks are affordable computers running on Google’s Chrome Operating System. G Suite is built in so you are set up for Cloud management systems from the get go.

Advantages of Chromebooks
  • Simplicity: lightweight, durable laptops designed for students − easy to use, set up and manage.
  • The device boots up in less than 10 seconds, with a battery that lasts all day.
  • Affordability: low total cost of ownership. You’ll pay 60% less for one, compared to a laptop with similar specs.
  • Google Play Store integrated: latest models run huge numbers of Android Apps, come with touch-response programming and world-facing cameras.
  • Secure and shareable:  Everything is in the Cloud. You’ll get seamless collaboration, with integrated security feature.

Spark your learning experience with G Suite for Education

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