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Cyber Risks are increasing not decreasing. Everyone and every company at some stage will be the victim of a cyber attack. It is happening all the time. At Grove we believe it is not about the attack but how you prepare for it and how you mitigate the cyber risk.

To that end we have teamed up with some of the best players in the market to offer a comprehensive suite of services to protect you against cyber risks and give you confident cyber security protection.

Whether its cloud email security, email archiving, email continuity, network security or end-point protection – we have a solution for you. Our enterprise-grade advanced email security, endpoint security, network protection and secure Cloud management tools means that your assets are always monitored giving you unparalleled peace of mind. We’ll ensure that your sensitive information and assets are safeguarded against loss, compromise and unauthorised access.

Best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions – Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Netography and Mimecast and Proofpoint

As an EMEA Premier Reseller/ Global Partner/ Distributor of BlackBerry Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Mimecast and Proofpoint, we’re positioned as leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity services for small,medium and large enterprises.

BlackBerry Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Mimecast and Proofpoint are mould-breaking, next generation, advanced cybersecurity solutions. At Grove, we’ll assess your systems, identify weaknesses and cyber-clad your enterprise with the best cybersecurity solutions that fit you and your organisation.

Kenna Security

The Kenna Security Platform was built to enable security and IT operations to collaborate and proactively manage cyber risk. The average enterprise has over 60 thousand assets and 24 million vulnerabilities. But not all assets and vulnerabilities are of equal importance. Kenna uses its advanced Cyber Risk Context Technology™ with exploit intelligence capabilities to identify which vulnerabilities present the highest risk, allowing enterprises to focus on what matters most.

Kenna Security

Align Your Organisation Around A Cyber Risk-Based Approach

For many organisations, managing cyber risk can be summed up in one word: challenging. The average enterprise has more than 60 thousand assets and 24 million vulnerabilities, with dozens of new ones discovered each day. Manually analysing, correlating and prioritising each vulnerability isn’t humanly possible; there’s just too much data coming in too fast to gain the upper hand.

Kenna Security helps organisations overcome these challenges by arming them with the platform and technology to effectively combat risk. The Kenna Security Platform is a scalable, cloud-based solution that gives organisations of any size a centralised platform for collaboration and remediation against cyber risk. Powered by Cyber Risk Context Technology™, the platform leverages data science to accurately track, measure and predict real-world exploit activity across the enterprise’s global attack surface.

Key Benefits:

  • Predict Future Exploits
    Empower security and vulnerability teams to predict which vulnerabilities will be weaponised as soon as they’re discovered
  • Prioritise High-risk Vulnerabilities
    Efficiently identify, prioritise and remediate the most significant risks and vulnerabilities
  • Align IT and Security Efforts with Business Objectives
    Deliver a holistic and quantifiable view of the organisation’s risk posture, ensuring organisational alignment and enabling executive management to make data-driven investment decisions

Unite IT Against Cyber Vulnerability Risk

The Kenna Security Platform is the only solution designed to look outside your organisation to analyse and understand the volume and velocity of attacker activity.

By leveraging more than 15 sources of exploit intelligence, an ever-growing knowledge base of more than 2 billion managed vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry and remediation intelligence, Kenna provides the most informed and accurate risk prioritisation available. This platform also offers predictive modelling technology that accurately forecasts the future weaponisation and risk of emergent threats the instant they’re disclosed, allowing any organisation to move to a truly proactive risk management model.

Kenna’s platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, processes and tools, making for an easy and rapid implementation. An intuitive user experience enables all operational groups to efficiently and easily navigate the platform.

Rapidly Identify and Remediate the Most Urgent Threats

The Kenna Security Platform delivers actionable measurements to guide remediation efforts and resource allocation, serving as a compass for all risk operations.

At the centre of this is a system of risk scoring that notifies the right people in the organisation of the most urgent vulnerabilities to focus on in order to affect the greatest possible reduction in cyber risk. Teams are then guided through the steps required to best address those vulnerabilities, while showing the quantifiable impact each action would have on these risk scores.

Align Your Organisation Around Cyber Risk

Kenna provides everyone, from Security Team members to IT Operations and executives the metrics needed to accurately monitor and continuously reduce cyber risk.

Continuous and accurate risk-centric reporting aligns and informs the organisation, and requires minimal effort from Security Teams. As a result, executive management can obtain a clear picture of the organisation’s risk posture, giving them confidence in the security team’s efforts and enabling them to make data-driven investment decisions.

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