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As communication becomes more collaborative globally, advanced threats multiply and become increasingly menacing. In the first half of 2017, the number of cyberattacks alone has doubled. 

Grove is at the forefront of secure Cloud cybersecurity, archiving and continuity. Our enterprise-grade advanced cybersecurity and secure Cloud management mean that your data is always available and control compliant, giving you unparalleled peace of mind. We’ll ensure that your sensitive information is safeguarded against loss, compromise and unauthorised access. 

We’ll also protect you against harmful emails, malware, spyware, hoax emails and the most sophisticated of phishing attacks. Plus, you’ll be provided with the best enterprise security solutions to ensure your business emails are kept secure and your organisation is virtually safeguarded.

Best of breed cybersecurity solutions – Mimecast and Proofpoint

As an EMEA Premier Mimecast Reseller and Proofpoint Distributor, we positioned as leaders at the forefront of email security services for small, medium and large enterprises. 

Mimecast and Proofpoint are mould-breaking, next generation, advanced cybersecurity solutions. At Grove, we’ll assess your systems, identify weaknesses and cyber-clad your enterprise with the best email security solutions and email security service for you.


Email is one of the most operations-critical applications in your business. You always need to be connected and secure, whether your operations are site-based or remote or a combination of the two. A set of disparate applications often evolves to deliver this protection, but this complexity brings with it poor reliability, inconsistent policy enforcement, and compromised data security. Mimecast is a cybersecurity game changer – all the cybersecurity solutions you require are neatly encased in a single Cloud solution. Mimecast Unified Email Management is an always-on, Cloud-based service that offers organisations the unique benefits of fully integrated email security, business and operations-critical cyber continuity; and archiving solutions.


More than offering mere cybersecurity, Mimecast provides cyber resilience in safeguarding your email

Email archiving

Mimecast has been recognised as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving for three years in a row.

Mimecast Cloud Archive offers the industry's only all-in-one Cloud archiving service comprising:

  • a highly secure data repository

  • built-in data recovery

  • storage management and

  • e-discovery/compliance capabilities to quickly and securely solve your real-world archiving problems

Increasingly, companies are finding that legacy systems are outdated. Companies are asking: How do we now mine our data for the deep insights we require? How do we turn data into proprietary corporate gold?

Mimecast is designed as a modern, multi-functional business-enablement platform. It helps you build your own corporate memory and harvests your data for insights that would be otherwise lost or sunken, while offering the following:

  • e-discovery and compliance

  • backup and recovery

  • storage management

  • GDPR for email

  • productivity and mobility

Email security

The number one threat to businesses today is cyber vulnerability. Cybersecurity interruptions and email leaks not only compromise sensitive data, but can result in irreparable reputational damage as well.

The Mimecast all-in-one security solution includes the following:

  • It protects your organisation from both commodity and targeted attacks with a single Cloud security solution.
  • It protects against all the usual security suspects – phishing, hacking and malware – but also human error and cyberthreats your infrastructure just isn’t designed to handle.

It is an inclusive, in-depth solution in the form of:

  • targeted threat protection,
  • spam and multi-layered malware protection,
  • secure messaging and encryption,
  • data leak prevention,
  • secure large file sharing.
Email Continuity

Downtime in the workplace, whether due to scheduled maintenance or disaster recovery, is expensive and counterproductive. Employees have zero tolerance for it. Not only does this lead to lingering mental productivity downtime long after, but to other domino effects, such as technically restoring gaps in an employee’s data, costing you more resources.

With Mimecast, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted access to live and historic email, attachments and calendars from the Mimecast Cloud even if your mail server goes down:

  • Employees get guaranteed access to email – from anywhere, on any device. They’ll be unaware there were any interruptions in the first place.

  • Mimecast continues to send and receive emails during server outages with admin- controlled monitoring, alerts and one-click response.

  • You’re assured of complete administrative control of failover events and outages from a central console.

  • You’ll always have access to email using Outlook for Windows, mobile and Mac Apps, as well as via browsers.

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