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Cyber Risks are increasing not decreasing. Everyone and every company at some stage will be the victim of a cyber attack. It is happening all the time. At Grove we believe it is not about the attack but how you prepare for it and how you mitigate the cyber risk.

To that end we have teamed up with some of the best players in the market to offer a comprehensive suite of services to protect you against cyber risks and give you confident cyber security protection.

Whether its cloud email security, email archiving, email continuity, network security or end-point protection – we have a solution for you. Our enterprise-grade advanced email security, endpoint security, network protection and secure Cloud management tools means that your assets are always monitored giving you unparalleled peace of mind. We’ll ensure that your sensitive information and assets are safeguarded against loss, compromise and unauthorised access.

Best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions – Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Netography and Mimecast and Proofpoint

As an EMEA Premier Reseller/ Global Partner/ Distributor of BlackBerry Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Mimecast and Proofpoint, we’re positioned as leaders at the forefront of cybersecurity services for small,medium and large enterprises.

BlackBerry Cylance, Darktrace, Kenna Security, Mimecast and Proofpoint are mould-breaking, next generation, advanced cybersecurity solutions. At Grove, we’ll assess your systems, identify weaknesses and cyber-clad your enterprise with the best cybersecurity solutions that fit you and your organisation.


You are revved up for the new digital economy. You have business Apps, custom Apps, customer-facing Apps, social media platforms, CRM platforms and more. You have never been more connected – or more vulnerable to data and information hacks, malicious email leaks, compliance, risk and fraud cyberthreats in general. Proofpoint is designed specifically to insulate and actively protect you from ever-evolving threats to your digital channels, so you can continue to connect with confidence. As a leading digital security solution, Proofpoint has been a Gartner MQ leader in enterprise information archiving for 6 years running. Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise? Then Proofpoint Essentials is for you. It is tailored as a scaled down, but no less all-encompassing vault of cyber protection for smaller companies. Both Proofpoint and Proofpoint Essentials are deployed to protect half of the Fortune 100 listed companies and their subsidiaries.


Get enterprise-class security technology with Proofpoint

Proofpoint and Proofpoint Essentials is a best of breed, easy-to-deploy and manage Cloud-based, next generation security solution that extends the ultimate in security coverage to your organisation’s social media and digital channel properties.

Protect employees and social media followers from malware, spam, malicious links and attachments, and phishing and other cyber fraud attempts. As an all-encompassing cyber insulating vault of protection, Proofpoint reduces the cost and complexity typically associated with deploying, configuring and maintaining cybersecurity solutions.

Features at a glance:

  • URL defence and attachment defence powered by targeted attack protection

  • automated email encryption

  • data loss prevention and advanced content filtering capabilities

  • hosted anti-spam and multi-layered anti-virus threat detection and elimination

  • search and discovery hosted 10-year email archive

  • instant replay

  • emergency inbox for around-the-clock email continuity

  • solid social media account protection

Stop Ransomware, Phishing, spoofing, fraud and other attacks. Contact an Grove Expert today!

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