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Enterprise Management Tools

Grove works with the leading Google accredited enterprise management tools that further allow for Cloud-based benefits that help solve workflows, documents management, unified communications, Cloud security, CRM requirements and social collaboration tools within your business.


AODocs is an enterprise-grade management solution built to effortlessly integrate with G Suite, allowing you to migrate documents from your company’s legacy document management solutions with ease, adding superior functionality. AODocs adds a robust workflow engine to your G Suite domain that supports a paperless office and rich collaboration, and comes with important security features for your business. Control and organise your files while preserving the ease of use, cost-effectiveness and mobility of Google Drive.


AODocs as a fully integrated Google Apps workflow and document automation tool

AODocs build tools that will help you work smarter − capture, organise, process, secure, publish and access your documents and information in the Cloud with ease:

  • Secure your content by managing files in a central corporate account still hosted in the Google Cloud infrastructure you know and trust.

  • Integrate documents with an automated workflow engine linking documents to business processes, so content isn't ‘lost in the mail’.

  • Easily locate and access files by organising using flexible metadata (text, numeric, dates, names, flat or hierarchical categories).

  • Migrate your documents into AODocs to replace your legacy infrastructure.

  • Maximise the cost-effectiveness and mobility of Google Drive.

  • The go-to document management software solution, workflow management, document storage solution for companies keen to further unlock the almost unlimited potential of G Suite.

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