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Enterprise Management Tools

Grove works with the leading Google accredited enterprise management tools that further allow for Cloud Computing benefits that help solve workflows, documents management, unified communications, Cloud security, CRM requirements and social collaboration tools within your business.

Copper CRM

Traditional customer relationship management (CRM) tools can be complicated and cumbersome to use, tripping up your sales workforce from doing the very work function they are meant to do: sell and generate revenue. With Copper, time-consuming administrative angst is replaced by beautiful design and unparalleled usability. Get the leading CRM that works with G Suite and experience measurably enhanced sales. Copper is so good; even Google uses it as their CRM!

Copper CRM

Copper – an integrated Cloud customer relationship management platform

Copper is a smart, intuitive and accessible customer relationship management (CRM) tool built for G Suite.

Copper was designed to take the pain out of CRM. This intuitive, easy-to-use sales and opportunity management tool allows salespeople to excel at, well, selling! It puts email at the heart of the function, seamlessly integrating gap identification and lead management.

  • Copper is a cloud-based CRM tool that gives you a complete overview of your customer base.

  • It helps you eliminate manual data entry, automates time-consuming tasks and seamlessly integrates with the tools you use on a daily basis.

  • It puts email at the heart of business sales workflow, so your salespeople can work directly from their inboxes.

As a top CRM system, Copper delivers insights and visibility into the sales pipeline so you close more deals.

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