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Enterprise Management Tools

Grove works with the leading Google accredited enterprise management tools that further allow for Cloud Computing benefits that help solve workflows, documents management, unified communications, Cloud security, CRM requirements and social collaboration tools within your business.


LumApps is a smart, fully integrated G Suite social and mobile platform. It’s a turnkey solution providing your organisation with the perfect office portal or your own company intranet. Let your employees find everything they need in one hub: corporate news, business directories, social communities, business applications such as HR forms, and personalised content.


LumApps - the intranet solution officially recommended by Google

  • LumApps is a social, mobile and smart intranet connecting and engaging all employees. It means all your internal communications – from corporate news to social communities and business applications − can cleverly converge in a central hub that’s fully integrated with G Suite.  

  • With LumApps, employees use a single sign-on to access their corporate information and G Suite apps securely.

  • With LumApps, the barriers to Google are dissolved. LumApps uses the power of Google Search so it’s easy for employees to search within the Google tools they use every day. This also greatly reduces familiarity anxiety with LumApps.

  • LumApps helps you manage your business Apps by giving easy and customised access to users based on their permissions.

  • LumApps enables advanced, smart collaboration. Find the right team members for your project, for example, by using your company’s personalised employee directory to find people by skills, location, experience, availability or any other factors.

  • Engage everyone in a social place. Appreciate an article? Like it! Want to react? Comment! Need to collaborate on projects and share well-organised information? Use communities!

  • LumApps fits your corporate identity. Design and style customisation comes with the package.

  • Present your information in a way that’s structured and organised at a corporate level with profiled content.

  • Experience enhanced 360-degree internal communication – top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted and one-to-one collaboration suite (Gmail, Drive, Calendar) and IS integration (dashboards of business apps).

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