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Grove Solutions

At Grove we are big picture innovators who also build our own solution platforms and tools. Grove is constantly conceiving of easier, more sensible, more impactful and more cost-efficient systems.

Grove Solutions – ClearFormat and GroveSynch

Our two own-initiative projects – ClearFormat (an email unifying, branding and tracking tool) and GroveSynch (a data synching, reporting, compliance and analytical tool) – are radically transforming digital landscapes and practices.


As a business communications tool, email remains the medium of choice, and rightly so. Its place in the marketing mix is likely to remain solid for some time still. But email is so much more than a critical communications tool: it remains one of the most under-utilised opportunities to leverage your company’s brand in a manner that is consistent, outstanding and campaign-effective. Grove-designed ClearFormat lets you unify all outbound email, no matter the email client or interchange, in a brand-consistent, compelling manner that expertly leverages existing brand equity.


Email branding, campaigns and tracking

ClearFormat turns your thousands of outgoing client-facing emails into mini-campaigns. You’ll be able to cleverly integrate embedded messages, attach unified signatures, and disclaimers and corporate IDs. You’ll also be able to integrate mails with any existing campaigns as well as Google Apps, on-site servers and any exchange platform.

But the impact-driven approach doesn’t stop there. ClearFormat lets you track the data related to your emails after they’ve left you, to yield insights and analyses that will inform how best to maximise future outgoing emails and other campaign elements. As such, it is an investment that pays for itself many times over.

Break through the clutter, turbo-charge your marketability and get the elevated brand exposure you deserve. ClearFormat currently hosts 10 000 clients who have experienced the transformative power and are able to utilise the invaluable insights provided by this conceptually cutting-edge tool.

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