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Grove Solutions

At Grove we are big picture innovators who also build our own solution platforms and tools. Grove is constantly conceiving of easier, more sensible, more impactful and more cost-efficient systems.

Grove Solutions – GroveSynch

Our own-initiative project – GroveSynch (a data synching, reporting, compliance and analytical tool) – is radically transforming digital landscapes and practices.

Grove Synch 4.0

GroveSynch is Grove’s Cloud integration solution for our various external clients. It caters specifically to your organisation’s reporting, backup and compliance Cloud integration requirements. GroveSynch is a sleek data solution that eliminates any performance impact on transactional systems by moving data into a separate, but fully integrated and up-to-date silo. It provides opportunities to collate data from multiple applications, which can result in valuable data mines that can inform marketing strategy and new product decisions.

Grove Synch 4.0

Data synching, backup, compliance and reporting

A huge advantage of GroveSynch is that data can be denormalised and stored in different models, which are more efficient at reporting on large datasets.

GroveSynch is synchronised with any JourneyApps Database using a Cloud-based or on-premises database. As a tool, it replicates all data from the JourneyApps Cloud database to your chosen database. The data remains up-to-date, with changes made either in JourneyApps itself or the JourneyApps back end reflecting.

GroveSynch replicates and auto-creates all database tables for you. If changes are made to the data model down the line, they will accordingly reflect on the target database – simultaneous synching at its best.

Data can be purged based on when the record was last updated. GroveSynch lets your business configure which tables should and should not be affected by this. All purged data remains intact on the target database and records of removed items are kept.

Data purging from JourneyApps ensures Apps remain fast, optimally enroll and consume vastly less mobile data, resulting in reduced costs.  

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