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Email is one of the most operations-critical applications in your business. You always need to be connected and secure, whether your operations are site-based or remote or a combination of the two. A set of disparate applications often evolves to deliver this protection, but this complexity brings with it poor reliability, inconsistent policy enforcement, and compromised data security. Mimecast is a cybersecurity game changer – all the cybersecurity solutions you require are neatly encased in a single Cloud solution. Mimecast Unified Email Management is an always-on, Cloud-based service that offers organisations the unique benefits of fully integrated email security, business and operations-critical cyber continuity; and archiving solutions.


Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 Approach

Zone 1 - Perimeter

Mimecast makes it easy to keep users and data safe by protecting email against spam and viruses, malware and impersonation attempts, and data leaks. Our single, integrated, multi-tenant, cloud-native solution reduces cost and complexity. Our open platform integrates with your organization’s existing security systems through open APIs. Our unified web-based administration console makes deployment and management a snap.Our global visibility and rapid detection of sophisticated threats enables us to identify and protect against threats across our entire customer base.

Zone 2 - Inside the Perimeter

Mimecast applies automated threat hunting with scanning technologies to internal email traffic, enabling your organization to detect, analyze, remediate, and extract bad things out of your email networks. Combining these capabilities with a strong human firewall through dynamic user awareness training and testing programs ensures that your organisation’s internal network, made up of people and machines, is robust and capable of defending itself against malicious attacks.

Zone 3 - Beyond the Perimeter

Mimecast offers solutions that help protect your brand and domains from being explicitly spoofed, enabling your business to maintain your customers’ trust. We provide full end-to-end detection and take down capabilities when a malicious actor conducts impersonation activities against your organization.

API & Partnerships - Across the Perimeter

Pervasive Email Security goes beyond the three zones—it must traverse your entire security ecosystem. Through APIs, there’s a great opportunity for Mimecast and other security tools in your ecosystem, to share immense amounts of intelligence. By sharing data across all your security tools, you not only strengthen each tool to broaden your protection, but also enhance your current security investments.

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